Monday, March 19, 2012

High-End Stat Sticks

Last week we killed Yor'sahj on heroic for the second week.  As long as healers are coordinated with the purple ooze, stacking is pinpoint, mana CDs are used on the first mana void (and it's kept around as a battery), and DPS keep their powder dry for black phases it isn't too bad.  Note to hunters: only fire a black arrow while on your way to kill an ooze if it's a black ooze phase.  Any time after that and you'll be missing an explosive trap.

A nice stat stick dropped.  I was toting Kiril and our feral tank wasn't yet, so I passed.  Next time it rolls in I'll have to decide if it's an upgrade or if it goes into my pet-tanking set.

I did some proc/stat analysis of Kiril earlier this month.  It looks like the polearm yields 514 agility plus 249 for the average proc buff.  No other stats.  So 763 agility.  The heroic staff gives you 529 agility, plus a 50 agility gem, plus a 10 agility socket bonus, and 675 points in non-ideal secondary stats.  If we add up the agility and consider the secondary stats to be only 1/3rd as valuable as agility this staff comes out with 814 "agility equivalent points".  The enchants would cancel each other out.  Which means the heroic staff can be thought of as about 51 agility better.

51 agility isn't bad, but it isn't huge.  This especially true since the proc benefit may be greater and the ability to adequately re-forge secondary stats may not be ideal.

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