Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kheldul's Silly Gear State and a Night's Raiding Progress

This post is just about Kheldul's gear. Feel to ignore.

I've been really jones'n to get rid of my extremely ugly, goiterish merlock scavanged shoulders resembling a bubonic plague attack.   I had missed a few pre-nerf Thursday raids where we usually took down Domo.  So anyway, as a backup-plan to not getting any love from Beth'tilac or a fifth T12 token I started dumping Valor into Conquest.  After yesterday's raid I went and got my backup PvP item.  The phrase, "It's better to look good than to feel good" may apply until 4.3 drops.  Of course the agility is nothing to sneeze at.

Oh and in the raid, I got our first heroic upgrade, so my plans on getting the 378 gun are history.

We had putz'd around and killed the spider boss, Bael, and Aly.  We had Heroic Shannox in mind but were hoping our normal raid leader would show up.  But we were standing in Baelroc's cleared room and I suggested it might be a nice place to fight Shannox.  It so happens that it's the place Shannox spawns (right in the middle).  And it was a very nice place to fight him.  There was no clutter, a lot of symmetry, and ranges were easy to understand.  We got Heroic Shannox on the second try.  On the first try our Riplimb tank was using immobilization traps all over (and sometimes way out of range) and not leaving any for Rageface.  That wasn't too bad.  The mage and I kited Rageface to drop stacks, but then there was a rageface on our Riplimb tank who was at extreme range.  But the second shot was pretty simple.

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