Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pet Tanking Ideas

Eidotrope over at suggests a number of ways to make hunter pet tanking a viable tanking option.  I do truly like the notion of pet tanking.  I have a mostly 378 item level pet tanking set gemmed and enchanted for mostly stamina for raid tanking.  But pet tanking is in a sad state.

One of my main concerns is that one tree would become a tanking tree.  This seems like a wrong move.  It would inevitably be the beast master tree, and I don't think that is a perfect match.

I would more envision it as another hunter aspect that works along the line of other class stances -- and with a redesigned Tenacity tree.  e.g.-
Aspect of the Beast (redesigned) is a hunter aspect that can be used with a tenacity pet.  When activated, it switches your bars, and has the character "ride" the pet.  All tenacity pet abilities are still possible through direct control.  In this aspect, the hunter is completely focused on controlling the pet and  takes no direct actions.  Because the hunter is not firing his weapon they are able to much more actively handle their pet; They help the pet cause more damage and threat with a better understanding of their opponent's weaknesses and they help the pet avoid a substantial amount of damage similar to druids.
Some pet abilities that are currently from pet talents would need to become baseline pet abilities.  Other abilities would need to be strengthened for proper tanking and boss tanking.

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  1. i love the idea of mounting the pet. however, i'd like to see a set of abilities cast by hunters like interrupts, (aoe) threat generation, basically a rather complete, but modified (in terms of damage and functionality) set of our abilities. the hunter could order the pet to use its cooldowns, or even cast her cooldowns to protect it (like a modified mend pet that acts like a high healing emergency cooldown). a few new abilities do make sense too, of course, emphasizing on the hunter-pet-synergy. but it shouldn't change our playstyle completely, that'd feel very odd.

    this way, one also could extend the redesigned aspect of the beast to all pets, using it for dpsing too. it'd be awesome to dps from atop of my loque! of course, the bm tree would need to be designed in a similar way like feral, requiring us to pick different talents in order to dps or tank. also, only tenacity pets should be able to tank.