Friday, September 24, 2010

Hack Attempts

In the past 25 days, I've received 43 forged emails attempting to steal my Blizzard account.  Fun times.  They don't have misspellings.  They don't have bad graphics.  They don't look wrong.  The content of the email is about account suspensions, credit card expirations, game card extensions, account locks due to suspicious activity (Oh! The irony.), automated notices of account modifications, beta emails, inactive accounts, etc.  Basically, they've copied any email that has ever been sent from Blizzard to anyone (and many that would never be sent) and addressed it to me.  The language on the emails is usually perfect and identical to Blizzard's boilerplate support messages.

Here are some of the fun domains the links end up pointing to:

Tip: Buy the $6 authenticator or get a free app if they have one for your mobile.

1 comment:

  1. It was about 1-2 months ago that my account got hacked so I tried to contact Blizzard. Thanks for sharing!