Monday, August 30, 2010

Hunter AoE

All DPS classes need to be able to AoE with some effectiveness.  We currently do fairly well. We do great as single target DPS, so we don't need to be the best in AoE.  Personally, I feel that warlocks, boomkins, and mages should be better than hunters, spriests, and melee in the AoE department.  Our trap and volley are both nice and get the job done.  Heck, if you're SV, you can trap, volley, wait for a LnL proc (or two if you drop a frost trap too) lob in 3 Explosive Shots, and go back to volley and trap.  You can be top trash dps if you want.

In Cataclysm, we will no longer have Volley.  We'll be "making more use of multishot" to paraphrase.  I have to agree that our channelled Volley spell is kinda hokey and using a "shot" is a better idea.  The idea that we have too many buttons and need some trimmed is a bit of a red herring IMHO.

Losing Volley will also further remove one more item from our losing rogue-hunter battle.  We can't damage them unless we see them.  And we can't get them out of stealth with an AoE.  To that end, I say fix the real problem: Flare really kinda sucks and should have its travel time greatly reduced and it should have its cooldown removed to just the global cooldown.

In Cataclysm, we'll be able to launch our traps as if we attached dynomite sticks to the arrows or had a grenade launcher slung under the barrel of our rifles.  That's nice, but it's not good AoE DPS or expected to be good AoE DPS.  Plus, the cooldown on traps suck.

So we're told Multishot will work to fill the void of the Volley.  Honestly, Multishot seems hokey too.  I kinda get it for bows, but don't really visualize it for crossbows or guns.  And Multishot in its current form doesn't come close to filling an AoE void.  So Multishot must change too, right? 

Will it be a cone-like attack?  A cone-like attack sounds like a shotgun, but where does that leave bows and crossbows?  Will it simply change to hit more than just three targets and remain a bit odd?

What about something crazy?  How about a shot that sounds like it should be called TNT Shot.  Target one mob and fire it.  It does instant damage to all mobs near it.  Sounds like it should be called Explosive Shot, right?  That's how right it is for the hunter class.  Oh, and they already gave us something similar 20 levels ago.  Not that we ever used the thing

Then again perhaps we should all just run around with a different pet.


  1. actually volley is going to work like fan of knives now it its cap of 3 is gone now it has no cap

  2. Yeah, I saw that GC says, "Our current version of Multi-Shot has not target cap. It's a little like Fan of Knives." A little disappointing in that I can't see what it is supposed to look like the hunter is actually doing.