Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sadly This Was Not an April Fool's Joke

I have a lot of hardware automatically monitored for various metrics. Well, the shit hit the fan at 5am this morning for one tier that is handling 4,900 MySQL events per second. I don't carry a pager, I just have the pager-events routed to AT&T as text messages (to an AT&T email address). It saves me a device. Unfortunately, I got about 400 of these things. My phone was almost dead by 10am thanks to the buzz feature for texts.

Oh and there's no bulk-delete of text messages. Maybe I can do it if plug it in and find a directory for them... hmm.

I did get to call people reaally early this morning on their cells and home numbers. I'll have to remember to try doing it next April 1st when there isn't any problem whatsoever. Ya know. Rouse them all up, get them on the conference call, and then yell "APRIL FOOL!". Okay, not too classy, but I've been working for 12 hours already.

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